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Chlorine Granules for shock chlorination treatment

Chlorine Granules for shock chlorination treatment

Chlorine Granules for shock chlorination treatment

Chlorine granules are routinely used for chlorinating water and water holding vessels, The granules need to be dissolved in water before use and must be filtered through a 53 micron strainer before application; this is to limit any undissolved solids being introduced to the treated tanks. A microwave can be used to gently heat the water and use a plastic stirrer or spoon to aid completely dissolve the chemical.

Normal dosage levels 0.2g granules will treat standard 17L hatcher, leave for at least 5 hours, then treat with 3g dissolved sodium thiosulphate, then provide strong aeration for at least 5 hours and use a test strip to check the presence of any residual free chlorine.

1.2g will treat 100L and will need to be treated with 15g of sodium thiosulphate.

A full shock chlorination kit option is available and includes: 50g chlorine granules, 750g sodium thiosulphate, mini 53 micron strainer, beaker and stirrer for dissolving the granules, and 50 chlorine test kit strips.

CAUTION: this product is corrosive. Avoid skin contact or spilling the prepared solution onto fabric.


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