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Dry Invert Feed

Dry Invert Feed

Dry Invert Feed

Slash your need for costly live phytoplankton with the ZM Dry Invert Feed that has been specially formulated with boosted vitamins, minerals, and lipids for successful rotifer, copepod, and daphnia cultures. The feed is prepared on a daily basis by adding just a small amount in a beaker of water, mix, and then mix again after 5-10 minutes to make sure all the feed is dissolved. A guideline dosage for a new rotifer culture is 0.2g / 10L culture, for a dense mature culture the dosage will be closer to 1g / 10L culture. If the culture water hasn't cleared by the next feed too much is being used.  Choose from 30g or 150g tubs.


5 out 5

read 2 customer reviews

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Live Marine Rotifers L-strain

Live Marine Rotifers L-strain

These live marine rotifers are approx. 1/3rd of the size of newly hatched brineshrimp and have been reared on live phytoplankton for maximum nutritional value. These rotifers are harvested prior to shipping and may be stored in the fridge and then decanted to feed to your fry.

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400 ml - £6.26 excl Vat £6.26 inc Vat

2 litres - £18.57 excl Vat £18.57 inc Vat

Roti Rich

Roti Rich

This product is manufactured by Florida Aqua Farms and the ingredients include phytoplankton, vitamin and mineral mix, and yeast etc. Choose from 58 or 175ml bottles.

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58ml bottle - £6.26 excl Vat £7.51 inc Vat

175ml bottle - £12.81 excl Vat £15.37 inc Vat

Plastic Pipettes

Plastic Pipettes

Plastic pipettes available in 1ml, 3ml, or 10ml volumes ideal for numerous fish room uses.

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1ml x 10 - £1.81 excl Vat £2.17 inc Vat

3ml x 10 - £1.81 excl Vat £2.17 inc Vat

10ml x 5 - £1.81 excl Vat £2.17 inc Vat

Customer Reviews

5 out 5 (2 customer reviews)

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5 out 5 Dry Invert Feed

By: Dave Dowson

Date: 02/02/2012 18:46:11

This review is for: Dry Invert Feed

Excellent stuff a lot less hassle than culturing phyto and the results are just as good if not better. My rots and cops seemed too multiply a lot faster aswell. Just about too order another larger amount.

5 out 5 fantastic

By: ellen

Date: 11/06/2014 09:11:54

This review is for: Dry Invert Feed

Great product. so easy to store and no need to then have phyto going. Really increased productivity of copepods.