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great culture books!
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Plankton Culture Manual * SPECIAL OFFER *

Plankton Culture Manual * SPECIAL OFFER *

Plankton Culture Manual * SPECIAL OFFER *

6TH EDITION (3rd PRINTING). This latest edition of the Plankton Culture Manual is based on over 30 years of fish culture experience and is presented in a clear and understandable format.This book is ideal for students, aquaculturalists, and advanced aquarists and provides 160 pages of biological information and step-by-step instructions for microalgae identification, culture of microalgae, rotifers, ciliates, brineshrimp, daphnia, copepods, clam and oyster larvae, amphipods, mysid shrimp and microworms. A must for any fry rearing project. N.B. this special offer listed as the cover has slight marking / indentations to front cover from the intial import from the US


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