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ZM Wheatgerm 6mm

ZM Wheatgerm 6mm

ZM Wheatgerm 6mm

This diet has been formulated as a low protein diet for herbivorous / omnivorous fish, or for coldwater fish still feeding at temperatures above 10 degree C; the wheatgerm component in particular has been included to improve digestion when the metabolism is slower. As the fish are less active and growth is reduced the protein and oil content of the diet has also been lowered; this formulation maximises utilisation of the diet and thus limiting the waste produced. To boost the health of the fish these pellets include stabilised vitamin C at 500mg/kg.

Protein 32.0%, Oil 4.0%, Fibre 5.0%, Ash 9.0%, Vit. A. 12,600 I.U./kg, Vit. D3 2,500 I.U./kg, Vit. C 500 mg/kg, Vit. E 300 mg/kg


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