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* NEW* Chloram-X ammonia reducer by Aqua Science 2.2kg

£103.18 (inc. VAT)

* NEW* Chloram-X ammonia reducer by Aqua Science 2.2kg

£103.18 (inc. VAT)
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ChlorAm-X is a dry powder water conditioner and ammonia and chlorine neutralizer.

ClorAm-X is a dry powder water conditioner and ammonia and chlorine neutralizer . It detoxifies and removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines in both fresh and saltwater. This product is used extensively by laboratories to manage rotifer cultures.


For 1 ppm (1mg/L) total ammonia, add 31 mg of ClorAm-X per liter or 120.7 mg of ClorAm-X per gallon.

As with fishes intended for human consumption, ClorAm-X may be used on shellfish intended for human consumption. In the FDA's "letter of determination", the agency states  that the use of the chemical that constitutes ClorAm-X, in water with aquatic invertebrates (e.g. lobsters, shrimp, crabs, clams, oysters) intended for human consumption, does not come under FDA jurisdiction. Our double blind toxicology studies were conducted on Homarus americanus, American lobsters, by Dr. Paul Cheung of the Osborne Marine Institute (Brooklyn, NY) and by Leberco Laboratories (NJ). The results of these studies were a part of the materials submitted to the FDA when we requested a determination of the product's legal status with regard to its use on aquatic animals intended for human consumption. For a copy of the FDA's  "letter of determination" please contact us.

MARINE INVERTEBRATES: During the development of ClorAm-X, successful shipping tests were conducted with a wide variety of marine invertebrates: shrimp (e.g. penaeids and Stenopus hispidus), Octopus bimaculoides, American lobster, Turbo  and Conus snails, Aplysia, various squid species, tropical and cold-water sea stars and sea cucumbers, Metridium and Condylactis anemones, and hermatypic corals (e.g. Trachyphyllia geoffroyi). Additionally, over the years that ClorAm-X has been on the market, it has been used commercially by soft-shell crab distributors to prevent ammonia accumulation during the period the crabs are held before and during their molting.

FRESHWATER INVERTEBRATES: ClorAm-X has also been extensively tested with freshwater mollusks and crustaceans. These have included species of snails, shrimp and crayfish. The product is routinely used for ammonia control in the shipments of both freshwater and marine invertebrates intended for the aquarium and bait trades.

LIVE FISH FOODS: ClorAm-X is routinely used in the packaging and shipping of live aquatic invertebrates sold as live fish feeds. Brine shrimp (Artemia spp. ), glassworms, bloodworms, blackworms, Daphnia spp. , etc. , have been, and currently, are being held, shipped and packaged in water treated with ClorAm-X.

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