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PE Mysis slices

PE Mysis slices

PE Mysis slices

PE Mysis have a high nutritional value and an excellent food source for both freshwater and marine fish. These freshwater shrimp are harvested from pristine lakes fed by mountain glaciers. May be fed to fish in frozen chunks or poured into your tank after thawing. If clouding is a concern, rinse PE Mysis under cold running water or thaw in water and pour off water prior to feeding. N.B. 5x combo slice option offered to mix with the TMC combo options so the polystyrene case has a total of 15 slices.


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PE Mysis 454g x5 option - £87.00 excl Vat £104.40 inc Vat

PE Mysis 227g x5 combo option - £53.37 excl Vat £64.04 inc Vat

PE Mysis 454g x10 - £174.01 excl Vat £208.81 inc Vat

PE Mysis 227g x10 - £106.71 excl Vat £128.05 inc Vat

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