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ZM Premium Pellets 3mm

ZM Premium Pellets 3mm

ZM Premium Pellets 3mm

This product has the same formulation as the Premium Granular and now available as 3mm pellet. These sinking pellets will easily reach the mid and lower waters of the tank. This diet uses highly digestible ingredients, with elevated vitamin and HUFA content to boost health.

Protein: 55.0%, Oil: 14.0%, Ash: 11.0%, Fibre: 1.0%, Vit. A: 29,000 I.U./kg, Vit. D3: 2,500 I.U./kg, Vit. E: 400 mg/kg, Vit. C: 2,000 mg/kg, w3 HUFA: 25 mg/g dwt


5 out 5

read 2 customer reviews

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500g refill pack 3mm Premium Pellet - £16.45 excl Vat £19.74 inc Vat

500g tub 3mm Premium Pellet - £19.06 excl Vat £22.87 inc Vat

3kg tub of 3mm Premium Pellet - £60.04 excl Vat £72.05 inc Vat

5kg tub of 3mm Premium Pellet - £100.09 excl Vat £120.11 inc Vat

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Customer Reviews

5 out 5 (2 customer reviews)

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5 out 5 ZM Granular & Pellet

By: Mark Mason

Date: 11/01/2012 17:52:43

This review is for: ZM Premium Pellets

Yet another fantastic product, having fed my Malawi Cichlids (Aulonocara, Haplochromis and Nimbochromis) on premium Granular from fry to fully grown adults I decided to try the pellets. Adult fish can't get enough of them, that combined with large frequent water changes gives a great growth rate and vibrant colours. I've recommended ZM to every Cichlid keeper I met and will continue to do so. I couldn't afford to maintain the feeding pattern I've adopted using most shop bought products.

5 out 5 ZM premium 3 mm pellet

By: Jim Dawson

Date: 18/10/2012 21:30:11

This review is for: ZM Premium Pellets 3mm

On the 7 Oct 12 I attended the East Anglian Cichlid Group talk and auction in Moulton. At the event I was lucky enough to win a 3 KG tub of ZM Premium Pellets that ZM had kindly donated to the EACG. I started using these pellets earlier this week and am very impressed with them. I keep Geophagus and Pike cichlids in a two meter tank along with several species of catfish and even the pikes that have never eaten pelleted food before are taking them. Very pleased as this could reduce my feed bill significantly.