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Instant Ocean aquarium salt
Instant Ocean aquarium salt
Instant Ocean aquarium salt
Instant Ocean aquarium salt
Instant Ocean aquarium salt

Product Description

ARTIFICIAL FRESHWATER: for incubating eggs at a dose of 60-80 mg /litre distilled/reverse osmosis water. Add 1 drop of methylene blue per litre for anti-fungal protection. ARTIFICIAL SEAWATER: for incubating brineshrimp cysts at a dose of 35g / litre; use aeration in the hatcher to dissolve the salt before adding the cysts. HEALTH TONIC: add 1g / litre as a tonic for freshwater fish systems; useful for recently-moved stressed fish or to counter mild water quality problems such as raised nitrate levels. SHORT-TERM BATH: prepare a separate bath with 3g / litre for a 10min bath as tonic for freshwater fish; ideal for fish suffering from elevated skin/gill parasites. Take care to address the causes of the stress.

N.B. Sept 2023: The 10kg tub option has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have replaced this weight option in the catalogue with a case of 5x 2kg packs.

N.B. for the multi-buy pallet delivery option the upper limit is 22x 20kg tubs per pallet 

N.B. UK delivery only & remote locations including Highlands subject to surcharge; contact us for details


Instant Ocean

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Instant Ocean aquarium salt

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