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This phytoplankton algae has been cultured for invertebrate culture at ZM. Invertebrates fed on live algae will have a higher natural HUFA content and therefore increase their nutritional value to fry. To maintain and develop this culture you need to set aside an area with a warm stable temperature, aeration for the culture vessels, 1-2 plant bulbs rigged approx. 200mm to the side of the culture vessels, and a timer providing 12-14 hours of light per day. It is important to avoid culture contamination from nearby fish tanks as any rotifers accidentally transferred will start consuming your algae. Aim to set up 3-6 separate cultures in case a culture crashes and aim for approx 3-4 times the volume of algae to invertebrate cultures being reared.

If you are new to culturing phytoplankton set up your culture undiluted, add 1ml fertiliser per 2.5 litres of culture, and leave for the first week to ensure it settles in.

Once the phytoplankton is stable your first new culture can be set up with 1 part mature culture and 1 part new culture water. Add the fertiliser at a rate of 1-2ml per 2.5 litre of culture. Traditionally, ratios of 1 part mature culture and 3 parts new culture water have been successful but with this greater dilution effect you are at greater risk of a culture crash. Be realistic on the volumes of phytoplankton you need and balance this with the rates of dilution used, and the number of cultures you wish to set up.

For further reading look no further than the Plankton Culture Manual.

For a culture 'reactor' go to a major supermarket and buy the 5 litre mineral water bottles for approx £1 ea., drill the lid, add a rigid plastic airtube and you're away.



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Live marine Tetraselmis microalgae starter culture

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