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Instant Concentrated Microalgae Rotifer All in One *NEW*

9% dwt, store at 1-5 deg C do not freeze

Instant Concentrated Microalgae Phyto Nannochloropsis

18.4% dwt, store at 1-5 deg C avoid refreezing to avoid damaging the algal cells,

Plastic Pipettes
From: £2.06
£2.47 (inc. VAT)
ZM F2 fertiliser for microalgae
From: £4.45
£5.34 (inc. VAT)
ZM Silicate for diatom culture
From: £4.22
£5.06 (inc. VAT)
Inline Airfilter
£5.75 (inc. VAT)
Inline Micron Airfilter x2
£16.57 (inc. VAT)
Gang Valve Extension
£3.25 (inc. VAT)
Reed RG Complete Microalgae
£47.06 (inc. VAT)

4.5% dwt, store at 1-5 deg C, do not attempt to freeze as algal cells will be damaged.