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HUFA Artemia Enrichment
From: £10.01
£12.01 (inc. VAT)

This product has been formulated to boost the nutritional value of newly hatched Artemia and rotifers with HUFAs and vitamins.

£16.62 (inc. VAT)
Spirulina Powder
From: £4.92
£5.90 (inc. VAT)

This product is manufactured from the filamentous blue-green algae and can be used as feed supplement for brineshrimp, fish and shrimp larval stages.

ZM Dry Invert Feed
From: £10.92
£13.10 (inc. VAT)

Slash your need for costly live phytoplankton with ZM Dry Invert Feed that has been specially formulated with boosted vitamins, minerals, and lipids for successful rotifer, copepod, and daphnia cultures.

* NEW* Chloram-X  ammonia reducer by Aqua Science 2.2kg

ChlorAm-X is a dry powder water conditioner and ammonia and chlorine neutralizer.